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Six iconic dishes from Kovalam's beach side restaurants

July 11, 2017 Admin

Do you want to try a diverse variety of dishes including sea food, Chinese, light meals then Kovalam is the best place to offer you countless opportunities of restaurants and eateries. The sea food, especially the fresh catch of the day by local fisherman is never to be missed. People from various places come here and eateries always give a nice option to meet new people, have a pepper mint chai and share your travel diaries with them.

Chicken sausage and a pizza

Do you want to have some snack before spending time in the beach, and then definitely try chicken sausage stuffed in pizza with red and green bell peppers, onion, roasted garlic and mozzarella.

King prawns

If you are a prawn lover, check out the list of prawn dishes available at Kovalam. Prawn fries are considered to the signature dish of Kerala. You can find out so many eateries providing spicy, hot and tangy prawn dishes such as roasted prawns, prawn masala, prawn biriyani, prawn fry and so many more. Prawn fries are the best in sea food and are too delicious and healthy.

Rice pudding

Lightly sweet, deep comforting creamy texture is healthy as well as extremely delicious dish. By the name you will think the main ingredient is rice. Na, then you are wrong, the main ingredient is milk. The rice pudding is delicious when served with red jam slopped carelessly into the middle or with vanilla cream. This is something no one should miss while in Kovalam.

Mushroom soup along with vegetable noodles

I don’t think there will be anyone who doesn’t like noodles. Everyone loves noodles. While spending your time in Kovalam try mushroom soup along with vegetable noodles. This will make a complete dinner. The hot vapours from the soup make one mouth watery.

Minted chicken kebabs with coconut rice

If you love crispy chicken, but don’t love deep frying, then minted chicken kebabs are the answer. Kovalam will give you numerous eateries with hot, spicy, dry chicken kebabs. You can try the hot kebab with coconut rice.

Red-snapper cooked in banana leaf

Red-snapper cooked in banana leaf is a frequently cooked south Indian dish. Make this opportunity to taste the local specialities and numerous mouth watering dishes. For those who love sea food should definitely try a red-snapper hot fish along with rice. The food is a real appetizer and real spicy healthy side dish.